UFO or Ghost Miraculously Spotted


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UFO or Ghost Miraculously Spotted

UFO or Ghost Spotted

Are UFOs and aliens real? Have we been visited by aliens? Are they here still?

Bunch of people believe and fall for guardian angels, and many more take pleasure in the concept of it. Such belief counts on a leap of faith, but every now and then something comes along that makes that theory much easier.

On September 11, photographer Rich McCormack took some pictures of the World Trade Center’s “Tribute in Light” which is held annually. When he took a quick glance at one of the photos, he recognized something miraculous…


Jersey City’s Rich McCormack freshly took some pictures of the World Trade Center’s 9/11 memorial. Remembering from the photos he snapped, he noticed something different in one of them.

In the ray of brightness, something came to be a ghostly delusion staring down over the city. He shared the photo on social media, where many witnessed the figure’s comparison to an angel or even to Jesus Christ.


Some held McCormack for questioning of making a joke of the photo, but most people take it as a source of contentment. Frequently have said it claims their faith and made them feel like “Our Dear Lord is guiding and watching us there.” While there’s no way to explain anything for sure, the picture is certainly very mighty!

Whether you consider guardian angels or not, you have to think clearly that the “character” in the picture appearing on the anniversary of 9/11 is a fascinating coincidence.

For as long as humankind has trust in a creator, some have tried to evaluate the legitimacy behind every religion, trying to explain a mythical force. The only basis that we can be certain of is that no one knows the truth behind these.

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