It’s Time to Get LED Canopy Lights for Your Gas Station

Gas Station Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are one of the most important features of your gas station. They keep your gas station visible, make the customers feel safe and welcome, and most importantly help your customers have a simple, smooth fueling experience.

However, not all canopy lighting is created equal. Did you know LED canopy lights reduce cost and improve your customers’ experience?

LED Canopy Lights—It’s Easy to See Why They’re the Best Option

LED canopy lights are better for your business than old-fashioned metal halide canopy lights—and they are also much better for the environment.

Older canopy lights burn much more energy than LED lights, even though LEDs produce the same amount of light (or, in some cases, even more light). That means your electric bill is higher every month.

It also means that you’re missing out on many of the benefits of making environmental consciousness a part of your business plan. There are many programs at the local, state, and federal levels that give various privileges (such as tax breaks) to eco-friendly businesses.

Further Benefits of LED Canopy Lights

Many gas stations and convenience stores pay the cost of old-fashioned metal halide canopy lights not only with higher electric bills but with regular calls to electricians when lights go out. Sometimes, these calls can cost businesses $200 or more.

Because LEDs consume less electricity, burn at a lower temperature, and are better designed, they can last for decades. Imagine going ten, fifteen, or even twenty years without replacing a bulb in your canopy lighting system.

In addition to reducing your costs, this will help your customers have a more pleasant fueling experience during every single visit. Your customers will never have to worry about being in the dark again.

Best of all, LED canopy lights can be retrofitted onto your existing canopy without much extra work or a high cost. Leading companies like Tom Sawyer Construction (which upgrades canopy lighting systems for gas stations in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming) can retrofit LED lighting systems without breaking canopy seals.

LED Canopy Lights Reduce Costs So Much They Pay for Themselves

The energy savings of replacing a box-style canopy lighting system with a new LED system can be as high as 80 or even 90 percent. These high savings occur because each bulb uses far less energy, and fewer bulbs are required to create the same amount of light.

The electric bill savings alone would result in LED canopy lights paying for themselves very quickly, but on top of these savings you get the following benefits:

  • less frequent calls to the electrician
  • tax breaks and other government programs for environmental upgrades
  • happier customers.

Many customers report a three-year return on investment due to all of these savings. In addition, there are further opportunities to upgrade your fuel station. For example, car wash lighting systems can also be replaced with LEDs—setting your savings even higher.

In the gas station business, as in every industry, modernization and environmental friendliness are good business.

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