The Top 10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Women in Hollywood

First of all, being gorgeous means you are someone physically attractive, an apple to the eyes of the majority and your presence is extraordinary.

So, to be one means you are every woman’s goal and envy. But as what they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But people criticize every single flaw you make. Yet, these women seems to make it look as such an easy task to handle.

Seems like the world has spoken. In conclusion, here are the list of the Top 10 prettiest faces in Hollywood, almost the subject of every man’s fantasy, and every woman’s envy.

Therefore, enjoy these bunch of little pieces of heaven on Earth.

Top 10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Women in Hollywood


10. Megan Fox:


gorgeous transformer

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Seems like everyone will agree of this stunning woman to be in the list. She is famous as someone who walks the talk and speaks her mind. Another, she captured our hearts in her breaking role in live-action film Transformers, and had our minds gone crazy when we had a glimpse of her overflowing sex appeal.

Furthermore, she’s been tagged as the modern day’s sex symbol as she is confidently flaunting her sexy curves before our very eyes in men’s magazines, television and movies.

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