Expunge Your Criminal Records 

Criminal Record

Although expungement doesn’t technically “clear your criminal record,” it technically hides criminal charges from employers, landlords, and other entities, which might run a routine criminal background check. In the state of Minnesota, the laws pertaining to expunging a criminal record are not as straightforward as one might think. In fact, if you do have a checkered past, if you’ve ever been charged with a criminal infraction, and have this lingering over your head, you might opt to hire an attorney which specializes in this specific area of the law.

Why a specialist makes a difference

You might think any criminal lawyer can help you in getting your records expunged. In many instances, you think it is as simple as having forms submitted, properly signed, and sealed, and your records are hidden. This is not the case. When you choose to hire a team of specialized attorneys, who deal with expunging records on a daily basis you will receive:

  • Expert services. Not only do they know the law, but also what has to be submitted to the court, in order to have records expunged.
  • They understand the process. This means filing goes smoothly, and they submit all necessary documentation, to avoid delays in the legal process.
  • They know how to seal records. The right team of attorneys will explain to you that your criminal record isn’t technically erased, but rather, it is sealed/hidden, from public records and views.

Basically, the right team of expungement professionals not only know the legal process, and how the filing goes, but also what technicalities are in place, so as to avoid delaying the process.

Why expunge your record?

Sure, a small petty-theft crime when you were 18 doesn’t seem like much at the age of 35 or 40. But, to employers, landlords, mortgage lenders, and other entities who run criminal background checks it might! A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. Even though it shouldn’t be used to discriminate against you, most employers, and other individuals who run a background check, will look at this unfavorably. So, when competing for a job, or other opportunities, this might cause bias when an employer is reviewing your records.

When such records are expunged, not only are they “erased” (hidden), they won’t show up in a criminal background check. They aren’t visible, so you won’t have to report them.

You don’t want a bad mistake you made in your past to haunt you, and limit your opportunities going forward in life. With a criminal record, you will always run this risk. So, why not have your records expunged, so that this information never gets out to the general public, and will be hidden from public records?

For those with a criminal past, even one infraction can greatly hinder your opportunities going forward in life. If you need your records expunged, or would like to learn more about the process in MN, the team for you to contact is Visit their site today to learn more about expunging criminal records, or to schedule your consultation with a professional, specialized attorney.

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