5 Reasons Why Some People Hate Apple

Apple just released it’s newest flagship phone which is the IPhone 7 this month. Though the release was successful there are people who are not impressed with the fuzz. Though a lot of people still buy Apple products, people still talk about some of its flaws. If you think this article is all about hating on Apple, It might surprise you that the issues you will be reading were actual experiences by Apple users. I’m sure you’ll remember #3

5.They are way too pricey



Do you see how much it costs? Yes its $649 for the iPhone 7 with only a 4.7 inch screen, you prefer the iPhone 7 plus which has a 5.5 display? add another $120. This is the same issue every year when they release their newest iPhone.

They make you choose between good and better, and if you want the later better have their money. This is why some prospective customers choose other brands because there are a lot more options without damaging your wallet.

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