10 Signs He’s Not That “Into You”

Ladies, before you go into the trap of being some man’s girl, make sure that he means business and that he is really into you. Don’t go investing all your emotions in a random guy you just met only to find out that he’s not that into you. Check out these Ten (10) obvious signs you may never be too sensitive to realize until someone bursts that dream bubble of yours.

10. Watch out for signs that he chooses his friends over you

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Signs of choosing his friends over you

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It’s the weekend tomorrow and you’ve been planning to watch a movie with him only to find out that he can’t go because his friends invited him to go partying without you. This might seem cliche but somehow it’s true, a man who is into a girl he really likes would ditch his friends to be with the person he wants to spend time with. Friends will definitely understand if he chooses to be with you but if he’s stalling his way to be with them then it’s a sign he’s not that into you.

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