Choosing The Best Pizza Stone for Grilling

Pizza stones are a great tool to use for cooking, but many people don’t realize that a pizza stone can be used on a grill as well as in the oven. Even further, many people don’t know the best pizza stone for grills or how best to use their pizza stone on the grill. To get a better idea of how to grill successfully with the stone, use these expert tips.

Pick Your Stone Carefully

As any chef knows, the final product depends on their ingredients as well as the materials used in the process. Having the right preparation and baking tools plays a big difference in having a pizza that’s crispy and one that’s soggy. For both novice and experienced bakers, pizza stones by Cast Elegance are a great choice.

These stones are made from Theramarite which have a high heat tolerance, ensuring a crispy crust every time. They are also designed to withstand thermal shock, so they will last when grilling. Since grilling can make it easy to damage trays and pans, these stones are durable when compared to the competition. Although it’s still important to maintain them as directed, they will withstand more stress than other models. With their design to withstand high temperatures from the grill, they’re a great option and will make delicious grilled pizza, as well as other dishes that require a baking stone.

Grilling with a Stone

Since stones are more sensitive to rapid changes in heat, it’s a good idea to preheat the stone in the grill. Taking this extra step will keep the stone from cracking. Place the stone on the grill when starting it and then remove when warm to add the pizza or other desired product to bake.

It’s actually a good idea to store the pizza stone in the grill if that’s where it’s normally used. Allowing the stone to cool with the grill will give it more of a convection cooking effect that most people like. If removing the stone from the grill, make sure that it’s completely cool before doing so. Once again, rapid changes in temperature can put stress on the stone and lead to it cracking over time.

Since pizza stones will become very hot, it’s important to use adequate protection when handling. Although oven mitts are often used for the grill and oven, the pizza stones have a higher ability to retain heat. It may be beneficial to choose high heat oven mitts or specialized heat resistant tools when handling the stone.

Over time, stones will develop a finish that’s known as a patina. This will also help to make the pizza stone no-stick. Since they’re easy to maintain, they’re a no-fuss kitchen and grilling tool that people love to use. However, it’s important to follow the usage directions. Don’t cut a pizza while on the stone as this can damage it. It’s also a good idea to sprinkle cornmeal on the stone before placing the pizza to avoid it sticking to the crust. Use these recommendations to find a great pizza stone and have amazing grilled pizzas at home.

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