Photos of Chinese Father and Son’s Evolution in 30 years timeline.

Evolution are the visible changes on something from a much more basic form, to a more complicated version of itself.

What can be more touching than a father and son evolution documented on print for the last 30 years? These amazing pictures by Tian Jun, 56, and his son Tian Li, 29 from China has made everyone envious, as a result won the hearts and praises of the netizens all over the world. Also, what made it more remarkable is due to its similarity, from the black and white theme to their shirtless poses. Furthermore, this is every father and son’s goal.



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From what started as a normal father-newborn baby photo in 1986 – the year Li was born,  hence Tian Jun got the idea of this becoming a ritual between them. Therefore, a tradition has started. let’s now take a peak to their evolution.


Newborn Tian Li

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These photos seems like a diary documenting Li’s evolution from an infant to a man with a son of his own. Furthermore, it also showed how Jun matured gracefully over the span of three decades.

Most of all, there’s a big surprise on the last photo that would really capture your heart.

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