5 Artists to Watch in 2018

5 Artists to Watch in 2018

5 Artists to Watch in 2018

The art world, now that we live in a globalized society, can be difficult to follow, much less anticipate where new trends will come from, and which artists will be at the forefront of a particular movement. Here are our picks of the 5 artists to watch in 2018. They were amazing in 2017, and we’re excited to see where they take us in the next year.

Ivana Bašić

It has been a fantastic couple of years for Ivana Bašić. This Serbian artist has, in recent years, mounted her first solo gallery show in London, had her very first installation displayed at a globally recognized gallery, and was invited to participate in Dreamlands, the Whitney Museum’s group exhibition of film and video installations that have been deemed important and innovative. Her powerful representations of the human form are visceral, almost violent, and display both the extreme vulnerability, and the extraordinary resilience of the human form. Her work can be seen at galleries globally, and we’re excited to see what she does next.


Takahiro Iwasaki

Iwasaki, what can be said that hasn’t already been said at great length? His work is powerful in it’s subtlety and in its enormous detail. With compositions featuring famous locations throughout his home country of Japan, the results are quite stunning. The use of unusual materials (several of the powerlines are made from human hair) along with the attention to detail make his work sought after by collectors and galleries across the globe. If you have a chance to see his work, definitely check him out, they are simply stunning.



This reclusive artist from Minneapolis is relatively new to the art scene, but his Body Portrait series is nothing short of extraordinary. The process involves an detailed interview with the model, followed by a photoshoot. The final piece is enormous (each panel is a square foot) carefully created using layers of the model’s photos, to create an abstract portrait, unique to the model and the story they shared with him. His control and use of color and texture is unparalleled, and we expect to see great things come from this artist in the future.


Zadie Xa

This artist, currently working out of London, originally of Korean-Canadian descent, uses her work to bring together performance art, sculpture, clothing, and personal narratives to create something truly unique. Identity is a driving force behind her work, inspired by her place within the Korean culture, her family, and the global diaspora populations. She also does spoken word projects, which we would highly recommend. It’s a terrific way to experience her work.


Cui Jie

An amazing artist from Beijing, Cui Jie has quickly risen to be one of the most exciting artists working, not just in the Chinese art world, but globally. The way she weaves the organize into futuristic building designs, including birds and insects and humans into her landscapes, is truly unique. Her use of color and shape is breathtaking, and we’re incredibly excited to see what she tackles next.

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